Hua Diao Chicken With Rice 花雕鸡饭
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Size (L x W x H) 162 mm x 124 mm x 53 mm
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Hua Diao Chicken With Rice 花雕鸡饭

  • Homemade Steam Rice, Eat Healthy 家乡蒸饭, 吃出健康
  • No Preservatives 无防腐剂
  • Keep Frozen Below -18ºC 冷冻保存在 -18ºC以下
  • Net Weight 370g 净重 370g (一人份)
  • Stored In Freezer For Two Months 在冷冻冰箱中可以保存两个月



  • Chicken, Hua Diao Wine, Ginger, Oyster Sauce, Salt, Sugar, Rice
  • 无骨鸡腿肉、花雕酒、姜、蚝油、盐、糖、米饭


Heating Instruction:

  • Peel one corner or pierce several holes on the film cover 撕开一角或在胶片盖上刺穿几个孔
  • Heat up in microwave at high heat for 5-6 min (do not thaw) 放入微波炉高温加热5-6分钟 (无须解冻)
  • Or heat up in steamer for 20 min (to be thaw) 或者在锅中加热20分钟 (须解冻)


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